Monday, September 07, 2009

Updated! - Preparing for the Coming Financial Collapse - A Primer

Understanding the Problem

A group of international bankers representing European royalty and financial interests secretly lobbied/bribed Congress in 1913 to give them an unconstitutional monopoly over the issuance of money and credit in the US. They have used this monopoly to personally enrich themselves at your expense to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars over the years the proceeds of which they have used to buy outright 99% of the politicians, think tanks, foundations, universities, and MainStreamMedia to ensure that none of them ever tell you about it. They have bought essentially everyone that can be bought and have killed/discredited/blackmailed/marginalized/ruined/arrested those that have refused to go along with their crimes. These inter-generational criminals view the common people as essentially serfs and chattel slaves. Many of them especially the Rockefeller family are eugenicists who believe that the masses are a sub-human class that needs to be controlled for our own good and culled occasionally through war and disease. They have used their tremendous wealth to initiate programs that dumb down the masses through government schools, Fluoride in the water, mercury in the vaccines, and the propaganda and lies that spew forth from the "idiot box" and the MainStreamMedia. They are quite literally satanic and many of the organizations through which they organize their control (Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, The Bohemian Club, B'nai B'rith, etc.) are occultic/satanic in nature.

Understanding the Current Political Situation

The two major political parties are both bought and paid for by these political interests. Every four years you are presented a fake "Hobson's choice" of voting for fake central bankster puppet #1 or fake central bankster puppet #2. Third parties are prohibited by law from raising money in any significant amounts while the established parties are given hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer monies for political advertising, their conventions, and "debates". Because every group has different factions vying for control and because the stakes are so high there is somewhat of a real contest between factions to have their political puppet elected over the other factions and the factions resort to vote rigging through black box voting machines, vote "caging", old-fashioned ballot stuffing, and supreme court chicanery.

The Central Banksters actually control world events through both secret societies (Skull & Bones, Free Masonry, Illuminati, etc.) and publicly known front organizations (Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Club, etc.) that control the puppets and the puppets below them.

Understanding the Current Economic Situation

The Central Banksters through their control of the money supply have, for decades, been enriching themselves to the tune of trillions of dollars while simultaneously destroying private wealth through confiscatory taxation, estate taxes, inflation, and monopolistic competition. They have been able to get away with this for decades because of what was essentially a complete control of the media. In the past decade their has been a revolution in information technology: The internet, cheap documentary production, web publishing, cheap DVD replication, blogs, Google Video, YouTube, etc. that now threaten the ruling elites control of information. Knowledge of who they are, what they have been doing, and what their ultimate plans are has been spreading around the world at the speed of light and more and more people have been waking up, turning off the lies of the MainStreamMedia, and taking action to expose them and organize resistance.

The futurists and social scientists employed by the ruling elite knew this information revolution was coming and inevitable so they have been preparing for the day when their hold on power would be threatened by the great unwashed masses. Because the United States is/was such a wealthy country with a history of constitutional government and armed population it represented the greatest threat of rebellion that could lead to a loss of control of the US military which would then pose a legitimate threat.

If you know "the posse" is saddling up to come after you do you want them well capitalized and secure in their homes and jobs OR do you want them dead broke struggling for survival in a militarized police state / surveillance society where you can slowly identify and kill off the intelligencia who understands who you are?

Because the United States represents the greatest potential threat the ruling elite engineered 9-11 to bring in police state control measures, corrupt and chew up the American military in Iraq, develop private mercenary forces outside of the civilian governmental control, and accelerate the bankruptcy of the country as a whole. In addition to bankrupting the US through expensive wars in inhospitable locations like Iraq the ruling elite have engineered a debasement of the currency through inflation, a deindustrialization of the country, and a series of financial bubbles that has wiped out productive capital. They have created the greatest debt-based financial bubble the world has ever seen through the creation of asset backed securities and a quadrillion dollars in derivatives which Warren Buffet has aptly described as "Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction". They are about to drop this Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction on you so they can then cull the herd through poverty, disease, engineered bio-weapons, assassination, etc. They will pose as your saviors while they round you up into FEMA concentration camps they have already had built and inject you with vaccines that will slow kill/fast kill the survivors of the initial collapse.

Understanding the Derivative Time Bomb – An Excellent primer can be found here:

Undertanding the Global Financial Crisis - Best financial news aggregator and basic overview of the risks of central bank issued, unbacked fiat paper currencies.

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee - Exposing the central bankster's manipulation of the precious metals markets.

Best Financial/ Political Commentators

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What Might the Collapse Look Like?

Banking System Collapse - Regional banks continue to fail which triggers a bankruptcy of the FDIC and/or loss of confidence in the FDIC leading to a regional then potentially national bank run… Banking holiday announced, national speech by President, etc. attempt to reopen banks stocked with fresh, newly printed hundred dollar bills, works/doesn’t . If it works – Start of hyperinflation as the Fed begins to print hundreds of billions of dollars to satisfy depositors. If it doesn’t work: New Bank Holiday, panic, Martial Law

Financial System Collapse – JP Morgan Chase/Citigroup/ and/other global investment banks fail(s) … Market crashes, blows through the stop loss limits, market closes, banking holiday announced, national speech by President, etc. Wall Street attempts to reopen . If it works – Start of hyperinflation as the Fed begins to inject billions to prop up markets. If it doesn’t work: New Bank Holiday, start over again and/or panic, Martial Law

What Might it Look Like After the Collapse?

Getting Prepared for the Big Collapse

Get Right with the Lord - This is ultimately a battle between good and evil manifesting itself on earth. Who else could be so wicked as to put Fluoride in the water, mercury in vaccines, and create a quadrillion dollars of derivatives that will quite literally wipe out the world's medium of exchange/store of value plunging billions into desolation and poverty? Turn off the TV with its false idols, read the Bible, Repent of your sins, accept Jesus Christ as your savior, and become a scholar and teacher of the Biblical nature of this fight.

Resources: The King James Bible, The Case for Christ,

Documentaries: Expelled, The Finger of God,

Websites and Internet Resources that can Help

100 Items to Disappear First in a Panic –

Checklist for Hard Times

Survival List from Beyond Weird – OK List

Better Survival List from Beyond Weird

Survival Plan from Beyond Weird

Best Survival Blogs / Lists / Forums




Find a retreat outside of urban population centers. The retreat should be as hidden from the inevitable looters and defensable. You should have it stocked before hand and be prepared to move to it at the first sign of an economic collapse (Stock market crash, bank holiday, etc.) Ideally your retreat would be able to get self-sufficient as possible agriculturally over time and be pre-stocked with non-GM seeds. Solar power, an emergency generator, stored heating fuel, wood, diesel, lubricants, are all attractive options.

Survival Retreat vs. Neighborhood Survival

Survival Retreat vs. Neighborhood Survival – Part Deux - Galt’s Gulch vs. Idiocracy


At an absolute bare minimum a year of storable food per person with extra for friends and family that didn’t prepare and charity. It would be better to have two years. Focus on both long term storable food that you can purchase in #10 cans and bulk grains and legumes that can be stored in buckets with oxygen absorbers. - Best 2 Month “Grab and Go” Supply.

Emergency EssentialsBest Bulk Grain and Legume Supply , Best Non-Hybrid Seed Supply,

Ready Depot- Best Canned Cheese, Best Canned Butter, Best Canned Meats


I have heard from a knowledgeable source that environmental regulations prohibit water purification plants from storing more than a couple of weeks of chlorine. So in an economic collapse that disrupts commerce once this chlorine is gone algae will quickly develop in the pipe system making municipal water sources unusable. It is important to have both water storage and a way of purifying collected rain water. I have 75 gallons of stored water in a 55 gallon barrel and four 5 gallon water cooler bottles with the ability to store an addition 25 gallons in a boxed water kit. You will need the ability to filter water. I recommend having both a reverse osmoisis water filter to remove Fluoride prior to a collapse and a portable gravity fed filter like the British Berkey that doesn't require the water pressure of municipal sources to operate. You should also have some water filtration tabs for emergencies.

Water Storage from Emergency Essentials

Storable Wealth & Barter

Gold and Silver – When fiat currency collapses history tells us that society goes back to gold and silver. They are intrinsically valuable, store great value in small spaces. The best is physical Gold and Silver in your own possession. Don't trust paper gold and silver in the form of ETFs like GLD and SLV or physical metals stored in safe deposit boxes which have a history of being confiscated by governments in financial crises. Junk silver is pre-1965 US coinage which is 90% silver. Quarters and dimes are your best bets as they are small, trade-able denominations of a recognizable hall mark.

Nickels -


Essential to your survival to protect againsts looters or the government in a unconstitutional martial law police state situation. I recommend having a scoped assault rifle, shotgun, hand gun, and 22 rifle for hunting small game. Plenty of ammo as well.

Bug Out Bag - Coming Soon! Google the term in the meantime.

Bug Out Vehicle - Coming Soon! Google the term in the meantime.