Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Endgame - Best Documentary Covering the Shadow Ruler's Eugenics Program

Endgame is a superb documentary by documentary film maker and radio talk show host Alex Jones that provides the best overview of the negative eugenics movement being carried out by our shadow rulers. You can find an extensive bibliography that documents, minute by minute, the claims and historical record revealed in the film here: You can subscribe to Alex's daily podcast which features alternative news from outside the MainStreamMedia propaganda matrix here:

This negative eugenics program has two goals:

1. Dumb down the population so they don't understand how they are getting screwed by the Central Bankster's fiat paper money system and corrupt government policies: confiscatory taxation, taxation through inflation, estate taxes to prevent the accumulation of wealth, military-industrial corruption including no-win wars, no-bid contracts, needless weapons systems, etc.

This is accomplished through Fluoride in water, mercury/heavy metals and chemicals in vaccines, and Government Schools that are sneakily designed not to teach critical thinking.

2. Population Reduction - Especially among the western cultures with educated middle class populations. The idea is to lower the fertility among the western cultures while the rulers government puppets permit the unrestricted immigration of divisive and less educated cultures which cause societal friction. The rulers keep the slaves fighting amongst themselves vs. uniting against the corrupt and homicidal rulers. The depopulation campaign also targets the under-developed world to keep their population down for resource conservation and to keep them more manageable.

Population reduction is accomplished through chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic water bottles that leach into the water/human body to reduce sperm count, and chemicals added to vaccines. The World Health Organization has been caught distributing tetanus vaccination "contaminated" with an expensive hormone that induces spontaneous abortions in vaccination campaigns that specifically targeted women of childbearing age. The current "Science Czar" of the Obama administration, John Holdren, has written a 1,000+ page policy textbook on eugenics that called for secretly putting chemicals in the water supply that would sterilize the population.