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Understanding Your Slavery - It's a System! - Our Project to Expose the System of Control

Executive Summary:  Understanding Your Slavery is our effort to wake up humanity to the reality of the tax slavery system that has been imposed on them by inter-generational organized crime.

What is Our Strategy: 

We are going after visual learners! - Everyone likes pictures and 65-70% of folks are visual learners who learn best when they see information vs. simply hear it.  Humans are also the world’s best pattern recognition machines and our visual repetition of the control techniques exposes that this system is formulaic, deceitful, and artificially indoctrinated.  
We’re both fast-to-insight and thorough! -We catch the attention... quick.. and then we give a high-level summary because most people don’t have time for a full length book.

We are accurate & well-referenced - While this is draft we will be aggressively fact-checking, footnoting, and referencing everything with authoritative, scholarly research delivered in a variety of formats (Website, Documentaries) for individual learning preferences.  

We are going multi-format - we are going to be creating posters, PDF downloadable and interactive infographics geared to catching the attention but providing the background, facts and references.

We are taking it to the schools - The interactive poster/infographic we are designing will be formatted for the hundreds of thousands of interactive touch-screen SMART Boards and Promethean boards in K-12 classrooms and universities. We will be producing the interactive program on cool, inexpensive thumb drives that will include other informational warfare assets. We think there is a Resistance movement in American schools and we are going to get them the information weapons they need to double or triple their ranks.

We are looking to collaborate - We are looking for voluntaryist writers, researchers, videographers, documentarians, graphic designers, and artists who would like to work on a paid project that smashes and exposes the organized crime gangster government.

We are looking to be well funded - We are looking for "idea-philanthropists" interested in getting hundreds of thousands of students exposed to these ideas and we are also exploring crowd-funding this effort to ensure we are well-capitalized for accuracy, impact, and viral growth.

Infographic #1 - Here is a draft of our first visualization concept:

It's a System - How the USA, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and East Germany all have used the exact same techniques to control their tax slaves.

Example Techniques - 

Turn off the bought-and-paid-for Mainstream Media and begin getting your news and information from the authentic voices on the self-directed Internet.  
Avoid Untrustworthy Frequencies:  Ignore 98% of anything that comes over the 6 monopoly media companies: Disney/ABC, General Electric/NBC, News Corp/FOX, CBS, Time Warner/CNN, and Viacom and their hundreds of subsidiaries offering the illusion of choice while operating as weaponized perception control system. Be extremely skeptical of anyone funded by George Soros, the Koch brothers, VOA, NPR, PBS, or USAID. Anyone pumping Trump or Hillary or any other government savior is suspect.  Anyone promoting communism, socialism, zionism, fascism, neo-conservatism or any other government system that is easily hijacked and controlled by monied interests is at best misguided and worst a paid political agitator or agent.  Let me know if any of my trusted frequencies are suspect.  Yes. Alex Jones is a tool.
Take down that Flag - It is the symbol of your oppression and an artificial, indoctrinated belief system.
Forget politics (except for those running to expose and repeal the system) - Don’t play poker in a crooked card game and don’t vote to rob your friends and neighbors to put your political party’s ideas into practice by force.  Adam Kokesh is running for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination on a platform of a peaceful and orderly dissolution of the federal government and to be NOT-President because he has the honesty to openly state that political authority is illegitimate.  Let’s get hundreds or even thousands of more folks on the ballot pointing out the illegitimacy and corruption of the system and beginning a national conversation on the peaceful and orderly repeal of the organized crime federal government.
Become a Scholar -  Educate yourself on what you have been missing. Important Books: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose, The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, Freedom by Adam Kokesh, The Law - Frederick Bastiat, War is a Racket - Smedley Butler, None Dare Call it Treason - John Stormer, The Trivium - The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric  Books for Kids: Three Friends Free by Anam Paiseanta, The Tuttle Twins series,
Freedom Apps: Cell 411, Connector, Arcade City,
Get Your Kids out of the Government Indoctrination System - I would rather my children by uneducated then be educated by the State. Government schools are designed to slave-up and dumb-down your kids.  Everything about the government school system is wrong:  segregation by age vs. ability, the pledge of allegiance forced on them, the use of collective punishment, corporal punishment, and public shaming as obedience techniques. Red/Yellow/Green classroom management techniques, can’t leave without permission, can’t use the restroom without permission, mandatory vaccinations, etc.  Much better to private school, homeschool, or unschool especially if they are old enough to learn auto-didactically and are capable of self-directed learning focused on their interests.
Wake Up Two More People… And Then Have Them Wake Up Two More People - After you become a scholar yourself then simply wake up two additional people and get them to commit to waking up two additional people and continuing the chain. It’s really that simple.
Boycott, Divest & Buy Local/Small  - Economic boycott is a powerful weapon.  Start with the consumer monopoly companies on
Privatize your Police Department -
Throw Sand in the Gears -
Get Together - Meet others, have fun, and get involved: Anarchapulco, The Red Pill Conference, PorcFest, Free Your Mind conference, Sons of Anarchy,
Get Concentrated - Support & move to voluntaryist and libertarian communities: The Free State Project (New Hampshire), Liberland (Europe), Liberstad (Norway) Seasteading Institute (the oceans), start your own!
Get Prepared for the Worst - Because the government, the financial markets, and the US dollar have been mis-managed by organized crime for so long the true financial situation of the country and USD holders is quite precarious.  The US economy is a ponzi scheme where bankers gave themselves the ability to create money out of thin air and where they have attempted to buy the world with their rapidly depreciating fiat-paper tickets.  The bankers have also funded the politicians who have run up the nation’s credit card with the bankers and where we are paying them almost a trillion dollars of interest a year on money loaned for bullshit things: wars, weapons, The War on Terror (TWAT), and other swindles and boondoggles. The government is on the hook for $20 trillion in debt + unfunded liabilities between 75-200+ trillion.  Social Security in actuarially insolvent and the system has been raided and trillions of dollars in government IOUs left in a file cabinet in West Virginia.  The Pentagon can’t account for over 10 trillion, and local and state government pension schemes are underfunded, looted, and/or mismanaged.  The government’s illegitimacy and criminality are being exposed and strengthening foreign currencies, the collapsing petro-dollar system, crypto-currencies, community currencies, barter, and agorism are starting to challenge the economic system. Don’t be surprised when the ponzi scheme collapses.  It's being run by criminals.
Give Small - Through micro-donations and donation aggregators like Patreon it is possible to easily support a dozen worthy organizations for $12 a month or 20 organization for $20.  Please understand that consistent income is the lifeblood of artists, independent media producers, and the developing alternative media.  No gift is too small if it is regular and dependable.  Many in our list of “trusted frequencies”  can be found on the Patreon platform.
Give Big - If you have the resources then please consider supporting freedom and the liberty movement in a big way.  Water a thousand flowers… selectively… Think strategically: We win the intelligentsia and they drag the rest of society -
1. Water the authentic voices of the growing alternative media in our list of “Trusted Frequencies” above.
2. The foundations and economics programs that support libertarian/voluntarist/anarchist political thought, the Austrian school of economics, agorism, crypto and community currency alternatives to government/private bank fiat money:  Mises Institute, Foundation for Economic Education, Future of Freedom Foundation, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, Newsbud (Citizen-funded authentic journalism)
3. Start a foundation or “venture capital fund” to invest in Liberty for your children and grandchildren.
Divirsify into and use Bitcoin, Dash and other crypto-currencies + barter + commodity money + community currencies - The better you and your community are diversified into $USD alternatives the more resilient everyone is to a dollar collapse or devaluation.  We like at least a year of beans, bullets, and bandaids as your core wealth.    After the basics we like physical metals in small denominations of a recognizable hallmark.  Then monetary commodity metals stored in other jurisdictions but instantly spendable and  transferable (GoldMoney) Then non-inflationary crypto-currencies.  We like bitcoin and Dash.  Trusted Frequencies: Ver, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Juan Galt, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, Jeff Berwick/Dollar Vigilante

Understanding Reality is a series of posters, interactive short overviews of concepts hidden from the public by a ruling class (oligarchical kleptocracy/kakistocracy) centered around banking and central banking that has been controlling the flow of information in society and human perception through their control of the government, government schools, scouting, and a weaponized media system of 6 companies running hundreds of subsidiaries to offer the illusion of choice.    
The government and the media are both owned and run by organized crime that is looting the country for trillions organized primarily behind banking, central banking and the military industrial complex.  The Central Banks are the creatures of the money center banks and backstop them to engage in what is called fractional reserve banking where banks can create money out of thin air even though the practice is inflationary and steals value from the money that others have saved and earned. The criminal banks have bought up the world with their little paper tickets including anyone who can be bought.  They have funded companies to consolidate the most important industries into a handful of corporations that are predatory forces and act and trade as a cartel.  
The author is Etienne de la Boetie2, the nom de plume of a technology executive and writer who tries to distill 20+ years of research into short, easily-digested treatises on individual subjects optimized for the 70% of society who are visual learners with references and links to more comprehensive research and the “authentic voices” of the developing alternative media available on the self-directed internet.  We are developing infographics, posters and one-pagers designed to be printed works but with accessible PDF versions with active hypertext links to reference material and evidence.

Do You Want to Punch the State in Face? - The Liberty Project is soliciting donations in crypto-currencies and rapidly depreciating fiat paper tickets.
Here is our strategy:  
We are going after the visual learners! - People like pictures and 65-70% of folks are visual learners who learn best when they see information vs. simply hear it.  Humans are also the world’s best pattern recognition machines and repetition of the control techniques expose that this system is formulaic, deceitful, and artificially indoctrinated.  
We’re both Fast-to-Insight and Thorough! - Because it's hard-to-catch someone’s attention and most people don’t have time for a full length book and many people learn in short bursts we are creating posters and infographics geared to catching the attention.  We are also backing it up with authoritative, scholarly research and fact checking delivered in a variety of formats (Website, Documentaries) for individual preferences.  

The overview Infographic will be produced as a fine art poster in a limited edition of 100 pencil-signed lithographs printed on art-quality paper.  #1, and hopefully similar works from other freedom-oriented artists, will be auctioned at a liberty event in 2018.  
Sponsorship Levels and Premiums - How Hard Would You like to “Strike the Root?
$10 - Poster of the Overview Infographic
$15 - Printed copy of the Liberty Project Book
$25- Both a poster and hard-copy of the project booklet
$100 - Pencil signed lithograph on art-quality paper - Numbers 11-100
$1,000 - Pencil signed lithograph on art-quality paper - Numbers 3-10
$10,000 - Pencil signed lithograph on art-quality paper - Number 2

 How Can You Help?

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