Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Ultimate Con & The Ultimate 9-11 Drinking Game

The Ultimate 9-11 Drinking Game

1. Watch the 10 minute and 23 second Trailer for The Ultimate Con.

2. Drink Appropriately

One Drink -
Everytime an actual dust-covered office worker survivor says the word: Explosion - Drink Once!

Two Drinks - Every time a minor reporter (local affiliate or on-site network correspondent) says the word: Explosion - Drink Twice!

Three Drinks - Every time an actual dust covered FireFighter says the word: Explosion - Drink Thrice!

Four Drinks - Every time a National Network Anchor (I.E. Peter Jennings, Bryant Gumbel, etc. uses the word: Explosion - Drink 4 Drinks!

Five Drinks - Every time anyone uses the terms / phrases: Secondary Explosion and/or Secondary Explosive Device - Drink 5 Drinks!

After 10 Minutes and 23 Seconds anyone that is still vertical and believes the twin towers (and WTC 7) were NOT brought down by explosives and the event wasn't covered up by the media chugs/beer bongs all the remaining alcohol and is left for dead by other players in attempt to cull the retards from the human collective.


Disclaimer: The Discourse on Involuntary Servitude does not advise, suggest, or promote this drinking game! The firefighters eye-witness video testimony of secondary explosions and secondary explosive devices alone could cause alcohol poisoning throughout the hardiest of drinkers! Play with caution!