Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How the Elite Control Politics

Excellent video by Nuff Respect one of the Internet's best short documentary writer/directors.

The elite keep the masses trapped in a false left-right paradigm that they control by financing the leadership and activities of both political parties. The elite offer up a fake Hobson's choice every four years and the two bought and paid for puppets argue over divisive "football issues" like gay marriage, flag burning, abortion, etc. They get the political base of the two parties hot and bothered and arguing over these topics while ignoring the real issues like: Double digit inflation, the cost of the war in Iraq in blood and treasure, the out-of-control national debt and unfunded liabilities, the illegal immigration crisis, the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, etc.

Both parties are different superficially but absolutely totally aligned on the big issues important to the ruling elite: Socialism, the Welfare-Warfare State, support for the wars and military-industrial complex, the fake "War-on-Terror", domestic spying on the American sheople, the unconstitutional Wall Street "Bail Out", etc. etc. etc.

The MainStreamMedia (which is also bought and paid for by the Central Banksters) only focuses their attention on the elites' chosen candidates while ignoring/smearing honest voices like Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Ralph Nader, etc.

Who do you think these men work for? You?

John McCain

Merrill Lynch $298,413
Citigroup Inc $269,251
Morgan Stanley $233,272
Goldman Sachs $208,395
JPMorgan Chase & Co $179,975
AT&T Inc $174,487
Blank Rome LLP $150,426
Credit Suisse Group $150,025
Greenberg Traurig LLP $146,787
UBS AG $140,165
PricewaterhouseCoopers $140,120
US Government $137,617
Bank of America $129,475
Wachovia Corp $122,846
Lehman Brothers $117,500
FedEx Corp $113,453
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher $104,250
US Army $103,613
Bear Stearns $99,300
Pinnacle West Capital $97,700

Barack Obama
Goldman Sachs $691,930
University of California $611,207
Citigroup Inc $448,599
JPMorgan Chase & Co $442,919
Harvard University $435,769
Google Inc $420,174
UBS AG $404,750
National Amusements Inc $389,140
Microsoft Corp $377,235
Lehman Brothers $370,524
Sidley Austin LLP $350,302
Moveon.org $347,463
Skadden, Arps et al $340,264
Time Warner $338,527
Wilmerhale Llp $335,398
Morgan Stanley $318,070
Latham & Watkins $297,400
Jones Day $289,476
University of Chicago $278,885
Stanford University $276,038