Friday, May 15, 2009

Fighting the InfoWar - How to greet Barack Hussein Soetoro When He Comes to Bullshit You in Your Town

Operation ASU

Operaton ASU Getting Armed Up

Operation ASU Sowing the Seeds Before Obama's Event

Everyone that knows Etienne has received one of his truth packages that he ships out to help cut through the MainStreamMedia propaganda and educate people to who is really running things in this country. I also like to educate folks on how/why the organized crime families who have been running the ponzi scheme of central banking around the world have engineered this economic collapse to impoverish the people as the information revolution exposes their crimes. The folks at Freedom's Phoenix in Arizona have put me to shame. Prior to and during Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro's May 13th speech to 60,000 folks attending Arizona State Unversity's graduation ceremony at Sun Devil Stadium, Operation ASU distributed 15,000 copies of the Alex Jones documentary: The Obama Deception and Aaron Russo's documentary Freedom to Fascism . The group organized 500 volunteers and put up 40 banners directing the crowd to tune into 4 pirate radio stations broadcasting the audio from The Obama Deception as they were trying to get out of the parking lot and driving home from the event.

What a superb job by the Freedom's Phoenix Crew!! I would like to encourage everyone to chip in a couple of bucks below to ensure they have the funds to continue taking it to The Man in the InfoWar!! Unlocking Minds and Unplugging Folks from the Central Bankster Bought-and-Paid-For LameStreamMedia one documentary at a time!