Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Stolen Election - MP3 audio collection and commentary: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America - Collective Bellaciao

BELLACIAO - The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America - Collective Bellaciao

"After the election my office received a flood of complaints about Ohio and Florida and Michigan and interestingly enough, all of the swing states with large populations. Our office began to receive reports of machine failures and breakdowns and interestingly enough, every one of these ’glitches’ always seemed to favor one of the presidential candidates, that is George Bush." - David Cobb's Testimony to Congress

Mr. Speaker, I traveled to Ohio where John Conyers convened hearings, and I listened to citizen after citizen describe the Ohio election debacle. When there is a shortage of voting machines that leads to lines of up to 10 hours to cast a vote in precincts that are predominant minority and Democratic voters, forcing countless prospective voters to leave without voting, and where a number of Democratic precincts had fewer machines than were used in the primary election, despite the certainty of a much higher turnout in the hotly contested general election for President, it is clear that Ohio has failed to run a fair election.

When Mr. Blackwell arbitrarily and unreasonably refused to provide provisional ballots to voters who were in the right county but the wrong precinct, or to voters who requested but did not receive an absentee ballot in a timely manner, it is clear that Ohio has failed to run a fair election.

When a county in Ohio shows more votes cast than registered voters, or when another Ohio county shows an underfunded Democratic State Supreme Court candidate getting substantially more votes than the well-funded campaign of Senator Kerry, it is clear that Ohio has failed to run a fair election.

When Secretary of State Blackwell refused to recognize thousands of new voter applications because they are not on postcard-weight paper, it is clear that Ohio has failed to run a fair election." Congreswoman Maxine Waters

All rational people understand that elections are supposed to be free and open, not counted in secret by Republican operatives. This election was a sham, and the media buried it- in other words, our country has been hijacked by warmongers- they own the media, the corporations and all three branches of government. Are you just going to sit there and allow the thieves in high places put your children in debt ($8 trillion total US debt) just because John Kerry rolled over? Recruiters are hounding poverty stricken high schools with offers of $10,000 signing bonuses and six months to spend it... is this the kind of America you want to leave your children?

imo the problem with America is not with the blind Republicans, it’s with the Democrats refusing to look into this fraud and realizing that yes indeed, John Kerry is the Benedict Arnold of the 21st Century. Are you really going to accept this mass killing, stealing of Iraqi oil, taking of our rights and freedoms, looting our economy, screwing the education system and the environment... are you just going to accept this because the Democrats were fooled into accepting George W. Bush’s distant cousin and Skull and Bones brother Kerry as their nominee. If we had a real democrat, we wouldn’t be looking at 4 more years of this ’spreading democracy’ bullshit.