Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback - 911 Truth Now - What will you do on the 7th Anniversary of 911?

I am unbelievably busy this week... I am unbelievably behind on a major project... I don't really have the time to be blogging BUT I can't let the anniversary of 9-11 pass without taking some concrete action to awaken my countrymen to the truth about 9-11.

I have a good friend who asks why I waste my time trying to educate friends, family, business acquaintances, and others about 9-11. My friend understands the government is lying but believes the people who refuse to see the truth never will. He believes they are too dumbed down, apathetic, intellectually lazy, stupid, or just don't care.

I tend to somewhat agree in many aspects. The people have been dumbed down: By government schools, by Fluoride in the water, mercury in the vaccines, and the lies that spew forth from the "idiot box" and the MainStreamMedia. There is a good portion of our population that is essentially functionally retarded and never will be able to grasp even the basic science of why the government's story is impossible or possess enough knowledge of history to understand that government sponsored false flag terror is the norm not the exception.

However, I believe, there are enough Americans who still possess the critical thinking skills to understand 9-11 and, ultimately, the central bankster looting and control of the United States.

I believe that 9-11 is the key to unlocking their minds for a number of reasons.

1. It only requires a very basic understanding of science and an open mind to understand that the government's story is absolutely physically impossible. Jet fuel (a type of kerosene) burns at 800 to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (825 C). The melting point of steel and iron is over 2700 Fahrenheit (1500 C). There was both molten steel and iron found below all three WTC buildings that was still molten weeks later after the attacks... Where did it come from?

The Law of Conservation of Momentum stipulates that the underlying steel frame of the World Trade Center towers which had supported the weight of the floors for decades should have provided at least some resistance in a gravity powered collapse. The buildings fell at free fall speed through the path of greatest resistance. It was physically impossible!
2. There are hundreds and hundreds of world renowned physicists, engineers, architects, college professors, pilots, intelligence operatives, and military officers who know the government is lying and have put their professional reputations on the line to publicly speak out against the official story. These brave souls are but a fraction of the total number who know the official story is false but can't speak out for fear of losing their livelihood or fear of losing their lives to a government that is rapidly turning into a fascist dictatorship, is openly creating a surveillance society, and setting up a Martial Law police state. The government's story simply has no equivalent level of public support among professionals who do not work for the government and/or companies who are dependent on government contracts. The overwhelming majority of the independent professionals who have the education and training to independently analyze the government's story believe it is a lie.

3. There is an abundant amount of well-referenced, scholarly research available to those who wish to research the subject. Hundreds of websites, dozens of documentary films, scholarly journals, and thousands of independent researchers and groups. Here is a comprehensive list of the best resources on the web: You can find a list of my personal favorites below.

Finally, probably the main reason that I focus so much time and effort on 9-11 is that once individuals do research 9-11 and realize that it was an inside job and that the MainStreamMedia has been covering up for 7 years they almost instantly understand that the Television and the MainStreamMedia have been lying to them. One of the resources that I use to wake people up to 9-11 truth is the excellent documentary "Loose Change - The Final Cut". There are two parts that are especially effective:

The Live News Coverage on 9-11 - Obviously not every member of the MainStreamMedia is/was part of the conspiracy to cover up 9-11. When you review the live coverage from that day you quickly realize that many of the reporters and anchors understood and where reporting on what really happened that day: The reporters on the scene were reporting on the secondary explosions going off in the tower, they were reporting on the fire fighters finding explosive devices in the building, they were reporting on the countdown before the implosion of WTC 7, etc. etc. Every major news anchor from Lou Dobbs to Dan Rather to Peter Jennings was speculating on air that the collapse of the buildings resembled a controlled demolition. In short, they had the story Day One as it was unfolding. There was massive evidence of controlled demolition. By Day 2, after the corporate ownership was able to exercise editorial control and stifle any speculation about "conspiracy theories" it all disappeared into the memory hole.

The BBC, CNN, and FOX News Reporting that Building 7 Fell Before the Collapse - While many of the reporters on the scene were reporting on what was really happening on the ground, their is also clear evidence that the intelligence agencies that orchestrated the attacks were using their control of the Media to shape public opinion about what was happening. The strongest evidence of this was the BBC, CNN, and FOX news reporting on the collapse of WTC 7 (and the official version of why it collapsed) BEFORE THE BUILDING HAD COLLAPSED. In the case of the BBC, their reporter Jane Standley went live on-air and described the collapse of WTC 7 and began reciting the official reason why WITH THE BUILDING STILL STANDING VISIBLY BEHIND HER!! Once the master controllers realized what was going out over the airwaves the BBC suddenly lost their connection with Jane Standley.

Once the people realize that the MainStreamMedia and TV abjectly lied to them about the events of 9-11... soviet style... they begin to question what else the MainStreamMedia and TV have been selling them.

So on this 7th anniversary of 9-11 I would hope that everyone would honor the fallen and take a little time to research the facts of 9-11 for yourselves. Get over your Cognitive Dissonance, forget what the majority believes (if the majority even still believes the official story) , ignore conventional wisdom and do your own research into the one event that changed the course of modern American history, eviscerated the Bill of Rights, ushered in the police state and surveillance society, and lead to the wars that have bankrupted the US and tarnished our name.


Here are some resources to get you started:

Best 9-11 Documentaries

Loose Change - The Final Cut - The best overview (IMHO)
9-11 Blueprint for Truth - The most comprehensive proof of controlled demolition
Fabled Enemies - Evidence of the intelligence agencies involvement
Truth Rising - On the growing international 9-11 Truth Movement
Terror Storm - The history of government false flag terror.

Best 9-11 Websites

Patriots Question 9-11 - Hundreds of military officers, architects, engineers, intelligence officers, college professors, survivors, and family members that question the official story.

Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth - Almost 500 architects and engineers that explain why the official story is absolutely impossible and defies logic, physics, and common sense. Check out this presentation to understand the physical evidence.

Who Did It - A list of the most probably suspects responsible for the attacks. Here are the people who actually had means, motive, and opportunity vs. the ludicrous official story.

911 - Best umbrella site/overview

Best Alternative News Sites - Turn off the central bankster owned, corporate controlled, CIA edited MainStreamMedia and seek trustworthy alternatives:

Best Expose on the Central Banksters - Who controls your world?

The Money Masters - Understand how an international criminal cabal created the Federal Reserve giving themselves the ability to create money out of thin air which they used to buy up the media, government, politicians, and industry.

WTC7 : The Smoking Gun

Complete Collapse Video Here
Complete Resources on WTC 7 Here:
Video of BBC Reporter Jane Standley Explaining How and Why WTC 7 Fell 20 minutes before it fell with WTC 7 standing visibly behind her.