Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Federal Border Agents Beat Baptist Pastor for Refusing to submit to Unconstitutional Internal Checkpoint


(5:35) A federal border patrol agent whips out his nun chucks in anger when the Pastor asserts his Constitutional rights
(7:45-8:00) The agent tells the pastor in less than perfect English, "In the Border Patrol Checkpoint, the person's rights doesn't matter here."
(16:50-17:10) The Pastor is told that the police will arrive in less than 10 minutes to arrest him
(19:00-19:40) The Pastor is accused of being a terrorist for refusing to allow an unconstitutional search of his vehicle
(26:20) The Pastor is finally told that he is free to go without being searched

This is another example of true courage in resisting the tyranny that the federal government is beginning to turn up incrementally within the United States. The federal government has started operating unconstitutional suspiciousless checkpoints far from the border in an effort to condition the American people to submit to tyranny incrementally. This is a continuation of the government's strategy in the airports to condition the people to accept all manner of dehumanizing treatment including removing their shoes and belts, submitting to body scans, and ridiculous prohibitions of what they can and can't carry with them while they travel. The video shows the agents clearly ignorant of the constitutional protections afforded to all citizens of the United States to travel freely within the United States without being harassed by government thugs.

The completely corrupt federal government would have you believe that the protections of the Constitution do not apply to the nearly 200 million Americans who live within 100 miles of the border.

I am amazed that so many of the sheeple can not recognize the classic hallmarks of tyrannical government being incrementally implemented. I would challenge anyone who doubts that this is official government policy to follow up on this story in the coming weeks and months to see if any disciplinary action has been taken against these agents that brutally beat and tazered an unarmed man whose only crime was to assert the constitutional protections against tyranny that are his birthright as an American. The same way that Hitler's brownshirts were allowed/encouraged in their abuse of the citizenry, these border agents will suffer no disciplinary action for their obvious crimes.

Americans had better wake up, turn off the teevee and MainStreamMedia propaganda, quit wasting their free time with the idiocy of professional sports, People Magazine, and biographies of dogs, and the other trivial pursuits that characterize the behavior of our fluoridated, vaccinated, government educated, dumbed-down population. It is time to study history and recognize the classic hallmarks of the rapidly developing fascist police state being implemented to cover the escape of the central banksters, their agents, and allies that have stolen the value of the dollar and your 401ks. Get off your knees, quit acting like slaves, and show just a modicum of the same courage, resolve, and constitutional activism that has been displayed by Pastor Steven L. Anderson.

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