Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Information Revolution

The Central Banksters through their control of the money supply have, for decades, been enriching themselves to the tune of trillions of dollars while simultaneously destroying private wealth through confiscatory taxation, estate taxes, inflation, and monopolistic competition. They have been able to get away with this for decades because of what was essentially a complete control of the media. In the past decade their has been a revolution in information technology: The internet, cheap documentary production, web publishing, cheap DVD replication, blogs, Google Video, YouTube, pod casts, etc. that now threaten the ruling elites control of information.

Knowledge of who they are, what they have been doing, and what their ultimate plans are has been spreading around the world at the speed of light and more and more people have been waking up, turning off the lies of the MainStreamMedia, and taking action to expose them and organize resistance.The futurists and social scientists employed by the ruling elite knew this information revolution was coming and inevitable so they have been preparing for the day when their hold on power would be threatened by the great unwashed masses.

Because the United States is/was such a wealthy country with a history of constitutional government and armed population it represented the greatest threat of rebellion that could lead to a loss of control of the US military which would then pose a legitimate threat.If you know "the posse" is saddling up to come after you do you want them well capitalized and secure in their homes and jobs OR do you want them dead broke struggling for survival in a militarized police state / surveillance society where you can slowly identify and kill off the intelligencia who understands who you are?

Because the United States represents the greatest potential threat the ruling elite engineered 9-11 to bring in police state control measures, corrupt and chew up the American military in Iraq, develop private mercenary forces outside of the civilian governmental control, and accelerate the bankruptcy of the country as a whole. In addition to bankrupting the US through expensive wars in inhospitable locations like Iraq the ruling elite have engineered a debasement of the currency through inflation, a deindustrialization of the country, and a series of financial bubbles that has wiped out productive capital. They have created the greatest debt-based financial bubble the world has ever seen through the creation of asset backed securities and a quadrillion dollars in derivatives which Warren Buffet has aptly described as "Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction". They are about to drop this Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction on you so they can then cull the herd through poverty, disease, engineered bio-weapons, assassination, etc. They will pose as your saviors while they round you up into FEMA concentration camps they have already had built and inject you with vaccines that will slow kill/fast kill the survivors of the initial collapse. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the chattel slaves/serfs/human cattle by 90%.