Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Even a Willfully Blind Squirrel Can Find a Nut - Glenn Beck Exposes Obama's Commie Appointees

Glenn Beck is a paid propagandist who distracts folks with the fake left-right paradigm while never discussing the Central Banksters and the over arching plan. He is like a WWF wrestling commentator who does an excellent job of covering every suflex and body-blow but never tells the audience that the McMahons own both wrestlers and the match is rigged. Here he is doing an excellent job of keeping the right informed of the Obama administration's organized push towards communism while staying away from why the Central Banks agents and allies on Wall Street (Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Bank of America) would fund a socialist/communist in the first place. He also doesn't mention how the same organizational control (Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission) have maintained the same influential positions in Obama's "Democratic" administration as in the proceeding Republican Administration, he also fails to mention how the military's interests continue to be represented by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, or Obama's connection to the CIA.

But here is Glenn doing a superb job of calling every pile-driver and half-nelson.

Glenn Beck exposes the Apollo Alliance, their purpose, including Cap and Trade efforts, connections to the Obama administration and the hijacking of our country.

Glenn Beck Exposes Van Jones, Obama's Green Czar, who is an admitted Communist, and has ties to the Black panthers. He also spent time in jail, where he admits to being radicalized.

I am about 1000+% more concerned about the machinations of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations than the Apollo Alliance. When do you think Glenn will get around to covering these organizations???? Hint: Don't Hold Your Breath!