Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dylan Ratigan Rips the One Trillion Dollar European "Bailout"

My favorite part of the video is when Ratigan calls out the American Taxpayer as the "Great Sucker... Doesn't riot... doesn't vote... pays his taxes... you can steal his money... the American taxpayer doesn't care". He neglects to mention that the American taxpayer has been dumbed down through vaccinations, government schools, MainStreamMedia "programming" and fluoride in the water which also promotes docility. With respect to not voting... You can almost forgive the American taxpayer since it has been a rigged game for decades with no real choice between the Republi-crats whose leadership works for the Central Banksters and their agents and allies who are running this slave system.

Don't be a sucker... Turn off the tell-a-vision, get involved in the resistance, make copies of documentaries, unplug your friends and family from the matrix, put up fliers, join a Tea Party (that isn't co-opted by Republican hacks), take a tea party back that has been co-opted by Republican hacks, support the Appleseed Program, Support Oath Keepers, etc.

Resistance is Victory!!