Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Short Primer on the Manipulation and Opportunity of Silver and the Campaign to Bankrupt JP Morgan

I have been buying silver since it was $6 an ounce in 2005 and have been following the fraud of the precious metals market for almost as long. I am convinced that the Central Banksters and their agents and allies on Wall Street have been suppressing the price of the monetary metals to make their fiat paper tickets looks more valuable than they are and to make inflation seem less. For gold they sell Central Bank gold overtly and covertly into the market to keep the price low. For silver they have allowed a small handful of investment banks (JP Morgan and HSBC primarily) to sell short paper silver on the COMEX. These banks are now “naked” short an amount of physical silver on the COMEX that doesn’t exist on the planet. They are starting to and will have to ultimately cover these short positions which will drive the price significantly higher.

At the same time there is now a loosely, organized international effort to break up the oligarchy’s price suppression scheme and bankrupt JP Morgan that I believe will ultimately succeed. Individual investors are buying physical silver and larger asset managers like Sprott Asset Management in Canada have created an alternative to JP Morgan’s SLV ETF (no title to ownership of the silver inside, no transparency) with the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (NYSE: PSLV) that offers title/ownership of the silver and transparency. Companies like GoldMoney are also reducing the cost of storing silver and creating the ability to easily convert precious metals into fiat currencies. These actions are taking more and more physical silver out of the market, driving the price higher (which costs JP Morgan and HSBC more to cover) and is slowly and surely withdrawing more and more physical silver from the COMEX. The COMEX, IMHO, appears to be the weak link and ultimately the removal of physical metal by investors that understand the fraud will cause the COMEX to default on delivery exposing the price suppression.

It might not be this month, it might not be in the next 6 months BUT when the scheme is finally overcome by the market (the same way the London Gold Pool was overcome by the market) the price of gold and silver will skyrocket and there exists a very, very real possibility that the dollar will crash as the USD is “re-priced” by the market against the universal constants of gold and silver.

BTW, this has happened before! The Oligarchy/Central Banksters have tried suppressing the price of the monetary metals in the 60s in the London Gold Pool. The market discovered the price suppression and eventually overcame it driving the London Gold Pool out of business and sending the price of Gold from $42 to ultimately $850 (when combined with the inflation of the 1970s).

Back then our economy was the largest creditor nation in the world with the world’s most sophisticated industrial base so we withstood the shock that the markets leveled when the scheme was exposed.

This time around when the price suppression scheme is exposed we are completely bankrupt and our country has been deliberately deindustrialized by a ruling oligarchy that is not interested in a well-armed nation, wired together with the internet, with a history of individual liberty and a Constitution that limits the power of government. This is why the oligarchy, their monopoly corporations, and their government puppets have been deliberately destroying the United States with no-win wars, open borders, deindustrialization/off-shoring, schools that don’t teach, and debasing the currency.

You can see China and Russia positioning themselves for this eventuality by adding to their gold/silver reserves and encouraging gold and silver ownership among their citizens.
The Central Bankster-owned and controlled LameStreamMedia has barely mentioned gold and silver and when they do they disparage it 50% of the time even though the price has more than quadrupled in the past 5 years.

Buy physical silver to protect your assets, bankrupt the criminal JP Morgan, and expose the Central Bankster’s ponzi scheme!