Thursday, September 01, 2011

Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth's New Video & YouTube/Google/NSA's Campaign Against It

The New Architects and Engineers 15 Minute 9-11 Truth Summary


Here is a screenshot of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth's new video on YouTube. When you access the video from the embedded version on the Architects and Engineer's website, YouTube/Google/NSA has promoted 6 videos that purport to "DeBunk" various aspects of 9-11 Truth. Anyone familiar with YouTube should understand that YouTube's algorithm that determines "Suggestions" videos never displays multiple videos from the same member in the "Suggestions" video section (unless those are videos from the member that posted the video). Try it for yourself. Pick any other video on: Talking Animals, Cute Kids, or Crochet. See if you able to duplicate the placement of 6 videos from the same member in the suggestion list. What we are witnessing is an attempt by YouTube/Google/NSA to direct viewers to videos that purport to "DeBunk" the evidence of 9-11 and "poison the well" of the 9-11 Truth Movement.

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YouTube, which is owned by Google and evidence indicates, appears to be a front company for the National Security Agency (NSA). YouTube has a long history of censoring the 9-11 Truth Movement and the Constitutionalist / Patriot movement that is exposing the propaganda campaign waged on Americans and world by the Central Banksters, their intelligence agency puppets and monopoly MainStreamMedia companies. Here is an excerpt from a recent article entitled: YouTube Restores Alex Jones Hit Count by Aaron Dykes from documenting the censorship campaign that YouTube / Google / NSA has been waging against their videos, articles, and websites:

We only hope that the total upload view numbers are not scrubbed next. You Tube has been downplaying view count in favor of sponsor-driven promoted videos for some time. Meanwhile, its parent Google has engaged in blacklisting and demoting both and from search engine rankings for some time.

Censorship on You Tube is a long and nuanced saga, with many previous attempts to block outright or obscure work posted on The Alex Jones Channel, as well as countless other channels– including wide purges of 9/11 truth, patriot and Ron Paul videos, among other works stifled for political speech content.

In 2009, The Alex Jones Channel was temporarily suspended after multiple frivolous DMCA copyright claims. The ban derived in part from the prior flagging a video from Alex Jones’ live radio program where he dared to show on screen an article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette which had attacked him by name and attempted to link him to a cop killer then in the news.

You Tube has also previously suspended THElNFOWARRlOR, a channel closely associated with The Alex Jones Channel, then later, after restoring it, revoking its privilege to post full-length documentaries.

Back in July 2010, numerous documentaries by Alex Jones, including most prominently The Obama Deception, were suddenly deleted from ChangeDaChannel, after receiving millions and millions of views each. The videos were eventually restored by You Tube after public attention again placed pressure. That version of The Obama Deception, then with 6.5 million views just on that channel, and now with 9 million views, was particularly annoying to the system because it ranked in the very top of “Obama” Google searches.

Further, prior to this removal, “honors” for ChangeDaChannel version of The Obama Deception were stripped, again detrimental to the search rankings that allow it to get even more views. The same video was also removed on another occasion after being fraudulently challenged on copyright grounds.

More recently, in June 2011 You Tube blocked the “honors” for a viral video of Google chief Eric Schmidt attending Bilderberg 2011 in effort to limit its exposure and ranking. You Tube revealed its hand in actively altering such stats when it rapidly restored the video’s status following Alex Jones using the airwaves to put them on notice.

In late 2010, You Tube shutdown video posted on The Alex Jones Channel of the Wikileaks-released Apache helicopter video mirrored on literally hundreds of channels based on vague and subjective “community guideline standards”, eventually restoring it after a storm of criticism. But prior to blocking this video, You Tube already worked to restrict its viewcounts, putting it behind a log-in wall designed to keep out viewers under 18.

Similarly, the video titled “Obama JOKER $1000 Video Contest: The establishment will go nuts!!!” was blocked in August 2009 under “community guideline standards,” set up to essentially allow anyone who disagrees to shut down someone else’s speech. Indeed, Obamanoids were caught griping on the video’s comments:

Further encouraging users to flag and then block videos, You Tube has even added new criteria to report on, such as “promotes terrorism,” a label sure to be easily abused.

Finally, it is interesting to note that Danny Jowenko, the European demolition expert featured in the video and pictured in the screenshot above, was recently conveniently killed in an auto accident in the weeks before the 10th anniversary of 9-11. This is similar to the untimely death of contemporaneous 9-11 witness Barry Jennings just days before the release of NIST's report on WTC 7. Mr. Jennings, who was in WTC 7 on 9-11, was a witness to explosions occurring in WTC 7 before the fires and the collapse of WTC 1 & 2 and could have been a prominent witness against the falsities and omissions of the NIST report as the world's press focused on that event.