Thursday, April 26, 2012

MUST SEE Documentary: Vanishing of the Bees – Another Military-Industrial Complex Company Caught Poisoning the Food Supply

Vanishing Of The Bees - An amazing film that chronicles the link between the honey bee die off (a real threat to the global food system) and pesticides manufactured by military-industrial complex firm: Bayer – a manufacturer of poison gases for the German military.  This reflects a disturbing trend where a number of companies associated with developing chemical weapons have been caught putting  what could be considered  chemical weapons in the global food supply. 

Bayer –

Dow Chemical – Co-maker of Agent Orange with Monsanto

Monsanto – Co-maker of Agent Orange with Monsanto
  • rBGH in Milk
  • Genetically modified crops that produce a toxic pesticide interally
  • Genetically modified crops including “terminator seeds” that don’t produce viable seeds that can be replanted the following year.
  • Aspartame in everything

For centuries ruling oligarchies have exploited controlling diet and nutrition to weaken the peasant class against the feudal enforcement system of knights and shire reves (now called Sheriffs). It has been reported that the Nazi’s and Soviet’s used Fluoride in the camps and gulags to keep the prisoner docile. 

Starvation has also been used as a weapon of war for millennia from the Roman Armies sowing fields with salt.