Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Bought and Paid for Central Bankster-Owned LameStreamMedia and their "Propaganda Matrix"

Important: Please see my companion piece on how often the MainStreamMedia is caught completely and obviously lying.. often on national tell-a-vision.

My favorite analogy about the LameStreamMedia is that the former Soviet Union was a very poor country. They could only afford 2 state propaganda organs: Pravda and Izvestia. In Russian Pravda means "Truth" and Izvestia is loosely translated as "The News". The running joke in the Soviet Union was: There is no truth in Pravda and there is no news in Izvestia.

We are a very wealthy country... We have 6 major propaganda organs.

This article illustrates how the organized crime oligarchy that controls the country and much of the world has been using their almost complete control of virtual everything the average person sees on a given day to weave an artificially-created reality with regard to politics/economics/history when they are not distracting the population with sports & mindless entertainment, corrupting their morals, predicatively programing them, or practicing other propaganda crimes.

The first part of the article below offers a number of media ownership charts that detail how a small handful of six corporations own and control, essentially, every major television station, cable network, radio station, magazine publisher, magazine distributor, book publisher, chain book store, theme park, record company, major internet property, movie studio and theater chain.

The second part of the article details how the organized crime oligarchy is able to influence control of the content through a handful of organizations that give key journalists in the MainStreamMedia food chain their marching orders and control editorial approval and content.

For activists and those wanting to wake up others, we suggest printing out the 2006 Media Ownership Chart and then running it through the printer again while printing the Media Ownership and Bilderberg, CFR, and CIA Operation Mockingbird Control of the Media document on the same page which will then give you one document, with overview, and link to this article that you can share with others.

Media Ownership Chart - 2006 but still relevant today

Print Over Document with Overview and Link to This Article: Media Ownership and Bilderberg, CFR, and CIA Operation Mockingbird Control of the Media
Directions: Print the 2006 Media Ownership Chart PDF 1st, then run that same sheet of paper through the printer again while printing the document: Media Ownership and Bilderberg, CFR, and CIA Operation Mockingbird Control of the Media on the same page to create a one-page overview with link to this article.

Download Full Chart Here.

CIA, Council on Foreign Relations, and Monied Interest
Control over Content

Central Bankster control of the media extends past ownership of the production and distribution mechanisms of the physical infrastructure to control of the content. The main identifiable vehicles for creating/managing/controlling the content of MainStreamMedia are:

Operation Mockingbird - A CIA program that was made public during the Church committee hearings in 1975 where it was disclosed that the CIA had hundreds of foreign journalists on the payroll. A quote from the commission:
"The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets."
If the CIA was doing something so corrupt, illegal, and unconstitutional in 1975 then it would be naive to think that they aren't still operating the same network today.

Resources: analysis, Wikipedia,

Operation Mockingbird - An Overview and History

The Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, and Trilateral Commission Media PuppetsMembers of The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission dominate key positions in America's government, military, industries, media outlets and educational foundations and institutions. The following is a partial list of current CFR members and the positions of influence they hold in society. The CFR's membership is limited to 3,000, and there are only 325 Trilateral Commission members.
BB = Member of the Bilderberg Group (The "Generals")CFR = Member of the Council on Foreign Relations
TC = Member of the Trilateral Commission

The LameStreamMedia Deceivers/Traitors/Judas Goats

Laurence A. Tisch, CEO -- CFR
Roswell Gilpatric -- CFR
James Houghton -- CFR, TC
Henry Schacht -- CFR, TC
Dan Rather -- CFR
Richard Hottelet -- CFR
Frank Stanton -- CFR
John F. Welch, CEO -- CFR
Jane Pfeiffer -- CFR
Lester Crystal -- CFR, TC
R.W. Sonnenfeidt -- CFR, TC
John Petty -- CFR
Tom Brokaw -- CFR
David Brinkley -- CFR
John Chancellor -- CFR
Marvin Kalb -- CFR
Irving R. Levine -- CFR
Herbert Schlosser -- CFR
Peter G. Peterson -- CFR
John Sawhill -- CFR
Thomas S. Murphy, CEO -- CFR
Barbara Walters -- CFR
John Connor -- CFR
Diane Sawyer -- CFR
John Scall -- CFR
Public Broadcast Service:
Robert Mcneil -- CFR
Jim Lehrer -- CFR
C. Hunter-Gault -- CFR
Hodding Carter III -- CFR
Daniel Schorr -- CFR
Associated Press:
Stanley Swinton -- CFR
Harold Anderson -- CFR
Katharine Graham -- CFR, TC
Michael Posner -- CFR
Baltimore Sun:
Henry Trewhitt -- CFR
Washington Times:
Arnaud De Borchgrave -- CFR
Children's TV Workshop (Sesame Street):
Joan Ganz Cooney, Pres. -- CFR
Cable News Network (CNN):
W. Thomas Johnson, Pres. -- TC
Daniel Schorr -- CFR
U.S. News & World Report:
David Gergen -- TC
New York Times Co.:
Richard Gelb -- CFR
William Scranton -- CFR, TC
John F. Akers, Dir. -- CFR
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
George B. Munroe, Dir. -- CFR
Donald M. Stewart, Dir. -- CFR
Cyrus R. Vance, Dir. -- CFR
A.M. Rosenthal -- CFR
Seymour Topping -- CFR
James Greenfield -- CFR
Max Frankel -- CFR
Jack Rosenthal -- CFR
John Oakes -- CFR
Harrison Salisbury -- CFR
H.L. Smith -- CFR
Steven Rattner -- CFR
Richard Burt -- CFR
Flora Lewis -- CFR
Time, Inc.:
Ralph Davidson -- CFR
Donal M. Wilson -- CFR
Henry Grunwald -- CFR
Alexander Heard -- CFR
Sol Linowitz -- CFR
Thomas Watson, Jr. -- CFR
Strobe Talbott -- CFR
Newsweek/Washington Post:
Katharine Graham -- CFR
N. Deb. Katzenbach -- CFR
Robert Christopher -- CFR
Osborne Elliot -- CFR
Phillip Geyelin -- CFR
Murry Marder -- CFR
Maynard Parker -- CFR
George Will -- CFR, TC
Robert Kaiser -- CFR
Meg Greenfield -- CFR
Walter Pincus -- CFR
Murray Gart -- CFR
Peter Osnos -- CFR
Don Oberdorfer -- CFR
Dow Jones & Co (Wall Street Journal):
Richard Wood -- CFR
Robert Bartley -- CFR, TC
Karen House -- CFR
National Review:
Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. -- CFR
Readers Digest:
George V. Grune, CEO -- CFR
William G. Bowen, Dir. -- CFR
Syndicated Columnists
Geogia Anne Geyer -- CFR
Ben J. Wattenberg -- CFR
Resources: Chart of Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, and CFR Media/Govt'/Military/Banking/Commercial Domination,

What Do We Do About It?
Turn off the LameStreamMedia - Turn off their TeeVee programs, take out their bookmarks, delete their RSS, stop listening to their podcasts, stop seeing their movies, don't shop in their book stores, cancel cable TeeVee (but not the self-directed high speed internet :-), cancel their magazines and newspapers, etc. Expose this system of control to others and get them to turn off the LameStreamMedia as well.

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