Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Uncensored Gordon Kahl Story - IRS - FBI [Free Republic]

The Uncensored Gordon Kahl Story - IRS - FBI [Free Republic]:

Gordon & Joan Kahl

From the Comments: "During his flight from the federal police, Kahl wrote a letter containing these words: 'I would have liked nothing other than to be left alone so I could enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which our forefathers willed to us.' "

From the Article:"While Gordon Kahl was pinned to the floor by the 6 to 8 Delta Force panthers, still under attack from the gun butts, the FBI agent with the fireman's axe turned to Gordon Kahl himself and chopped off his hand. Then he went around and chopped off Gordon Kahl's other hand, and then both of his feet were severed. While screaming with pain and with blood gushing out profusely over the floor where his hands and feet used to be, Gordon Kahl was shot in the head at close range, killing him."