Saturday, January 15, 2005

US Losses - Photos Hidden By US News Media

US Losses - Photos Hidden By US News Media

First, while I am sickened to see photos of American soldiers dying in a war based on lies I am especially sickened that there will be a few Americans who will view these photos with joy. Not Iraqi sympathizers but those elites who are running and benefiting from the most profitable (and oldest) racket in the world: War

Every burning humvee, tank, Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, helicopter, or truck on the linked page will be replaced by you the tax payer and is going to net some person or company $10,000+ - $1MM in profit depending on the vehicle.

When you look at each picture understand that it is the same group of elites have been profiting off America's wars for decades. The overwhelming majority of which were based on lies (Remember the Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf War #1, etc. etc. etc.

Any doubters should definitely read Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler who chronicled the problem so magnificently in 1935 in the very short, highly readable "War is a Racket"