Thursday, February 09, 2006

Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff admits that case for Iraq war was a "HOAX" on the American people, the international community, and the UN

NEW YORK, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- In an interview airing tonight on the PBS weekly newsmagazine NOW, Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson makes the startling claim that much of Powell's landmark speech to the United Nations laying out the Bush Administration's case for the Iraq war was false.

"I participated in a hoax on the American people, the international community, and the United Nations Security Council," says Wilkerson, who helped prepare the address.

The NOW report, which airs days before the third anniversary of Powell's speech, examines the serious doubts that existed about the key evidence being used by the American government at the very time Powell's speech was being planned and delivered.

"I recall vividly the Secretary of State walking into my office," Wilkerson tells NOW. "He said: 'I wonder what will happen if we put half a million troops on the ground in Iraq and comb the country from one end to the other and don't find a single weapon of mass destruction?'" In fact, no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.

After the Downing Street Memo and now Lawrence Wilkerson's confession it is amazing that not only do people still believe Bush and his criminal administration but there are still idiot Americans still driving around with Bush bumper stickers on their cars and defending these murdering war criminals instead of demanding their impeachment, trial, and imprisonment. - Etienne