Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gold (and Silver!) is going to the MOON!!

The Money Chart is an on-going project of Jason Hommel who publishes The Silver Stock Report. The call-outs and arrows of emphasis are mine - Etienne

Etienne's PARTIAL list of bad things happening to the US Dollar over the next couple of months:

1. US Federal Reserve is about to quit publishing the M3 in March (Would you invest in a company that wasn't planning on telling the shareholders how many shares they were going to issue???)

2. The US has reached its Congressionally mandated debt ceiling and can not legally borrow.

3. The Syrian Government just dumped the dollar.

4. Iran is opening an oil bourse that will sell oil in Euro lessening the demand for dollars globally.

5. We will probably go to war with Iran (See # 4 above no matter what the MSMedia says)

6. The Norwegians are talking about starting another bourse that would trade in Euro as well

7. The housing bubble will probably continue to deflate if not outright BURST.

8. GM will probably declare bankruptcy and default on 280 BILLION+ in corporate debt, pension obligations, salaries, etc.

9. Central Banks will continue to diversify into Gold and out of the depreciating paper dollar.

10. Etienne will continue to explain to Americans that there is nothing unpatriotic about protecting your family and the money that you have saved and earned by moving it into gold and silver which remain undefeated when pitted against crappy-ass depreciating fiat paper money in all of recorded human history.

You could bet against Gold but with the US Government's $8.2 TRILLION in Public Debt and $50 - 75 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities... I don't think it would be wise... - Etienne