Friday, February 24, 2006

MUST SEE VIDEO!! - Loose Change, 2nd Edition

It is reflective of the sad state of journalism in the United States that one of the finest pieces of investigative journalism questioning the MainStreamMedia's now obviously absurd "official story"on 9-11 has been produced by a 22 year old filmmaker that didn't even go to Columbia University's School of Journalism. Loose Change, 2nd Edition is that film and Dylan Avery is the 22 year old filmmaker that has applied an intellectual and directorial curb stomping to Michael Moore on the FULL story behind 9-11.

Watch Loose Change 2nd Edition for FREE Here:

After you have watched Loose Change, 2nd Edition (and then purchased a copy for your friends Here) then compare their masterful job of investigative journalism and insightful analysis to the crap churned out by pseudo-reporters like the Village Voice's Jarrett Murphy who recently did a smear job on the 9-11 truth movement (Found Here). In the article Mr. Murphy attempts to paint the 9-11 truth movement as the lunatic fringe and knock down some of the straw man arguments held by a minority of the movement while minimizing the strongest evidence such as WTC 7 falling perfectly and symmetrically into its own footprint while defying the laws of physics by falling at free-fall speed with no conservation of momentum with exploding demolition "squibs" plainly visible in video from the event. The attack is fairly pathetic since almost 50% of New Yorkers believe the US government had foreknowledge of the 911 attacks and the eminent scholars questioning the official version is growing rapidly and now includes such notables as:

Robert M. Bowman directed Star Wars program under presidents Ford and Carter

James H. Fetzer Distinguished McKnight University Professor, University of Minnesota Duluth

Wayne Madson

Dr. John McMurtry, Ph.D.

Morgan Reynolds,

Dr. David Ray Griffin Professor and Theologian

Dr. Stephen Jones, Professor of Physics, BYU

An article by Paul Joseph Wilson deconstructing Jarrett Murphy's ignorant (if not purposefully deceitful??) scribblings can be found: Here.

Purchase Loose Change, 2nd Edition Here: